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Allergen Alarm

We simplify the lives of people with food allergies.




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Allergen Alarm instantly tells you if products in the grocery store are safe for people with allergies. Just scan the bar-code and know the risk for you and your loved ones!

Simple and Free!


The idea comes from reading food labels. How tiny can they get? Now imagine if your well being, your health or even your live depends on finding the one or two critical ones in this micro-print list.
There must be something better.
Observing the restrictions looming allergenes puts on people simply is not acceptable.
There must be something better, a solution.
The idea: Allergen Alarm App.

Donations .... what will the funds be used for?

A start. The funds will be used to support the building of the platform.
The plan is that the platform will support itself with in-application and on-website advertisements. There are no plans, and it is against our philosophy to charge for this.

More details on our website


...about me:

One of my educations is in CS. I experienced the bubble, the Y2K and Euro change-over project in IT Infrastructures at a major European bank. Moved to Canada in 2005, citizen since 2011.

...about my partners:

First and formost, my longterm partner and team mate is my wife. As team, we have mastered many demanding situations, and then some!

...about our philosophy, our approach?

We see this project as bottom-up. This means we supply the idea and the concept, the customers and consumers decide if this is a product that is worth having. It will be apparent through backing of the start and the feedback. What comes after the start and the prototype is done, this will need to be seen. It depends on many factors that are at this time not tangible enough.

...about value:

I believe it is worth it, the moment we can save one person from the implications of an allergic reaction because of overlooked food allergens. Additionally, if we can make the lives of only a few dozen people every day a little easier, it is worth it. What do you think? If you agree, please back us, follow us on twitter, recommend us on facebook.


Our website. You also can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

What's next?

The plan is to extend this concept to alert about any sort of ingredient. So everybody can use this service to avoid unwanted ingredients.

How you can support this project

If you like the idea like us on facebook and follow us on twitter to let us know. Keep it simple.
If you would go further, you can donate and help us covering the operating expenses. Press the donate button further up.


Yep. This site is developed as part of the assignments and homework during the Coursera course "Startup Engineering" 2013-06-17 to 2013-09-08. Find the course info here.
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